President, College Publications, Inc.

"Bonnie has been one of our business consultants for over 12 years.  This year she has helped us merge our QuickBooks online accounts.  her knowledge of bookkeeping and her business understanding has proved invaluable to us throughout the years.  Recently one of her recommendations saved us thousands of dollars!  Bonnie always does her work in excellence.  I recommend her and bBIZe, LLC highly for all of your business needs."

 Mayra Farnelli, President

Michael's Carpet & Floring

"Bonnie is an excellent self starter, she helped me out when I needed her the most.  I switched to Quickbooks Pro online & things didn't transfer correctly; my payroll was all wrong.  bBIZe to the rescue!  Bonnie even gives you advice on how to cut expenses"

Lorraine Schmid, Store Manger

Pocono Slatebelt Youth For Christ

"Bonnie is extremely personable and open.  Her bookkeeping and computer skills are very strong and she has a wonderful work ethic.  I was impressed with how quickly Bonnie was able to organize and process work that had been neglected for some time.  She is able to determine process improvements quickly and Implement changes to simplify workflow.  She has made our work easier and more productive."

William Koch, Executive Director

Pregnancy Resource Center

"Bonnie was a great asset to us because she was dependable, cooperative, creative and able to work independently and compassionate about what she did."

Mary Ellen Bingham, Director

Innovation Church

Bonnie is a woman of integrity and has multiple skills.  She is well organized and task-oriented.  When necessary, she delegates responsibility to accomplish the necessary goals.  This is kind and compassionate and cooperates well with others."

Dawn Kollar, Children's Pastor

Innovation Church

"One thing you will learn about Bonnie.  She is tenacious and will finish what she starts.  Along with so many good qualities, she is also a people person and will be a team player in any organization she is a part of.  She is a self-starter and gives 100%."

Charles Kollar, Senior Pastor